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Emergency & Unwanted Pigment Removal/Lightening

Pigment Removal & Lightening Services

A specialized, all-natural saline solution is penetrated into your existing permanent makeup (brow) Li-FT contains finely milled sea salt, purified water, lemon seed extract, orange seed extract, and aloe. Implanting the solution into the skin breaks up the healed pigment, and begins to lift the pigment out of the skin by osmosis. A process by which molecules of a solvent tend to pass through a semipermeable membrane from a less concentrated solution into a more concentrated one, thus equalizing the concentrations on each side of the membrane.

The pigment is slowly pulled to the surface of the skin and heals into a scab. When the scab falls off, that pigment falls off with it, leaving a lightened tattoo.

Emergency Removal:

Within 48 hours of new pigment placed in brows by another artist.

$300- During normal business hours

$400 After business hours

Call/Text ASAP for booking 402-715-9213

Healed Brow Pigment Removal:

Priced per session and spaced 6-8 weeks apart. Email a picture of your brows when booking-

$375 per session

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