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Microblading Eyebrows- $595

Includes Consultation, 1st session and Touch up

Imagine waking up with amazing brows every day!  What is Microblading? This is an incredible solution to fix brow shape and symmetry. In a relatively painless procedure, the pigment is placed .2 mm under the skin, giving your natural brows more fullness, color, and better shape.  
Your microblading purchase will come with the consultation, 1st session and the touch up 4-6 weeks later.  The first session includes a full consultation, brow mapping, topical numbing cream, expert opinion, and microblading brows with before and after photography.  The 2nd appointment is scheduled 4-6 weeks later for your "perfecting appointment".  The second appointment takes about 1 hour and that is where we finalize the color and the shape.  Need more information? Visit the FAQ page.
Consultation, Microblading and the free touch up is $595 
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