Microblading, Shading & Powder Brows

Need more information? Visit the FAQ page. You do not need to set up a separate consultation from the procedure.

Each procedure begins with a consultation.

Microblading, Microblading + Shading or Powder Brows  

All Brow Packages $695

Includes Consultation, 1st session and 4-6 week Touch up

Imagine waking up with amazing brows every day!  What is Microblading? This is an incredible solution to fix brow shape and symmetry. In a relatively painless procedure, the pigment is placed .2 mm under the skin, giving your natural brows more fullness, color, and better shape. Shading gives the brows a more filled-in look which can look more like makeup.  
Your microblading purchase will come with the consultation, 1st session, and the touch up 4-6 weeks later.  The first session includes a full consultation, brow mapping, topical numbing cream, expert opinion, and microblading brows with before and after photography.  The 2nd appointment is scheduled 4-6 weeks later for your "perfecting appointment".  The second appointment takes about 1 hour and that is where we finalize the color and the shape. 


Consultation, Microblading, and the free touch up is $695 
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