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Current Client Touch-Up Sessions for Brows, Eyeliner, and Lips in Omaha

Touch-ups are essential for maintaining your desired appearance. At Michele Strom in Omaha, NE, we specialize in touch-up sessions for eyebrows, eyeliner, and lips. Schedule your touch-up session with us today.


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Keep Your Look Fresh for Longer


Permanent makeup is a fantastic way to enhance your features, but over time, pigments can fade or change due to various factors such as sun exposure and natural skin shedding.


Touch-ups ensure your makeup stays sharp and beautiful, so you can always look your best without the daily hassle of applying cosmetics. Here at Michele Storm, we offer an award-winning service, one that ensures you are always looking your very best.


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Our Touch-Up Services


Brow Touch-Ups

Our microblading touch-up sessions restore any fading and keep your brows looking full and well-defined. We add hair-like strokes in order to maintain your ideal shape and correct uneven patches.

Eyeliner Touch-Ups

Keep your eyeliner bold and crisp with our touch-up eyeliner micropigmentation sessions. We can restore fading lines, enhance sharpness, and adjust the thickness to suit your preference.

Lip Touch-Ups

If your lip color has faded or become uneven, our lip blushing touch-up sessions can bring back the vibrant hue. We also redefine lip outlines in order to create a fuller, more defined appearance.


How It Works


Step 1: Assessment


We start with a thorough examination of your brows, eyeliner, or lips to determine the level of touch-up needed. This helps us plan the most effective treatment.

Step 2: Touch-Up Session


We then carefully apply micropigmentation to restore the original design, adding color and definition where needed. Don't worry, this process is quick and comfortable.


Step 3: Long-Lasting Results


After the touch-up session, your makeup will look refreshed and vibrant. You'll leave with a confident, polished look that lasts.


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Refresh Your Look With Michele Strom


If you're noticing signs of fading or want to enhance your permanent makeup, simply book a touch-up session with Michele Strom in Omaha, NE.


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