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Get Perfect Eyebrows in Omaha, NE With Michele Storm

Michele Strom Permanent Makeup Studio, offers expert eyebrow services in Omaha, NE. Specializing in traditional microblading, nano hair strokes, nano shading, and powder brows, we create the perfect look for you with customized brow mapping for your facial features. Schedule your appointment today.


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Get the Eyebrows You Deserve

We all know that eyebrows are a key feature of the face, given that they frame the eyes and play a role in expressing our personalities. So, if you are tired of filling in your brows every day or if you've noticed thinning over time, we're here to help.


Here at Michel Storm Permanent Makeup Studio, we specialize in eyebrow enhancement using safe and effective techniques, including microblading, nano hair strokes, nano shading, and powder brows. Our goal is to give you the perfect brows you've always wanted.

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Our Eyebrow Services

Traditional Microblading or Nano Hair strokes

We create realistic, hair-like strokes with a fine blade or a digital tool to give your brows a fuller look. This method is perfect for filling in sparse areas and shaping your brows without the look of makeup.


Nano Shading + Hair Strokes

Shading adds a soft gradient effect to your brows, enhancing depth and dimension. It's great for those who prefer a subtle, natural appearance like soft makeup with a few hair strokes placed in strategic areas.


Powder Brows

With powder brows, you get a more filled-in, look that mimics brow makeup. If you are looking for a defined brow, this is a great option for you.

How It Works


Step 1: Consultation


Firstly, we start with a personalized consultation to understand your goals and suggest the best eyebrow treatment for you.


Step 2: Treatment


Then, our experienced technicians carefully apply microblading, shading, or powder techniques using our state-of-the-art equipment to create your desired look.


Step 3: Follow-Up


After your treatment, you'll be left with stunning brows that boost your confidence. We offer a follow-up appointment to ensure your satisfaction and to make any necessary adjustments.


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Schedule Your Consultation Today


Book your appointment today with Michele Strom or Bree Coffey in Omaha, NE, and let us help you achieve the beautiful brows you deserve. Call us at 402-715-9213 or click the appointment tab to schedule an appointment.


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